“I started going to Elle’s classes back in January as I have had a weakness in my back with ongoing leg pain following spinal surgery. Her classes have improved both my back and my general well-being and I am now almost pain free something I thought would never happen! Elle always offers different options for those that may not be as strong and manages to do this in an inclusive way, never making you feel different. I cannot thank her enough!”

Kim H

“I was introduced to Pilates over a year ago by a friend after coming back from a holiday and wanting to work on my core strength, flexibility and posture. Through the help of Elle’s classes, I have built on these and definitely noticed a difference in at work setting and also with running events. Elle was so welcoming and has helped to improve from a beginner pushing for you to progress further each week, offering both high impact and low impact alternatives. I look forward to her classes every week. Her classes bring a sense of community within everyone being so friendly and comfortable within the studio. I would recommend this to anybody.”


“I love Elle’s class! Having not had much time for myself as a busy mum of 2 young children I look forward to my class every week. Elle explains the exercises really well offering alternatives if the exercise is too challenging which I love. It’s great to be able to adapt if needed and then something to aim for in the future to improve! Everyone in the class is very friendly and I feel really comfortable within the studio and it’s a bonus that throughout the restrictions I have been able to continue my classes too! Thank you so much Elle”


“I’ve been going to ERP for over two years now and I highly recommend it. Elle is so calming to make you feel relaxed but also really encouraging when it comes to more strenuous workouts. Not only has Elle’s Pilates benefited me physically with my core strength and flexibility, but it’s also been so helpful for my mental health. Elle has been so accommodating throughout this pandemic, allowing us to still access Pilates virtually and taking time to set out measures to ensure we are all safe in the studio. Elle is approachable and always willing to help and answer questions. Her Pilates sessions are fun and interesting, with new content added all the time.”


I have been coming to ERP for a couple of months now and I can say from the very first session I was made to feel at home. I feel like i've known Eleanor for years. The sessions are so tailored and personalised to my needs and there is never a session I walk away thinking we could have done more. I cannot recommend ERP enough, for someone who doesn't look forward to "working out" I honestly cannot wait for my sessions. If you're thinking about it, just book it you will not be disappointed."

Private Client Amelia

“Encouraging and inspiring a healthy lifestyle”

“I started Pilates with Elle in September 2021, and was very nervous to begin with. Elle was brilliant, gave me confidence and encouragement to keep coming back! I really love the classes, Elle does push you and it can be hard work but you leave feeling stronger, de-stressed and relaxed. Elle loves what she does and is an absolutely fabulous teacher who not only gives you clear instructions during classes, but will celebrate your successes and achievements with you. I am stronger, and fitter than I’ve been in a long time, and joining Eleanor Rose Pilates is one of the best things I’ve done for my body and mind!”


“Elle’s classes are great and are fully inclusive, she always has modifications for those of us who are a little bit older and not so nimble! On a personal note following an operation and back issues, Elle tailored exercises for me to do in between classes which has really helped to improve my core strength and alleviate the pain. Thank you Elle.”


“Pilates makes me feel soooo good! You feel like you’re doing something amazing for your physical and mental health. It’s super hard work but the results make it all worth it. Elle's approach to teaching is so calming and positive it makes you want to keep up it up! Cannot recommend this girls classes enough. Thank you for making me feel strong you Pilates guru.”


“I am so lucky that I get to do Elle's Pilates lessons living some miles away. Pilates is an escapism from a hectic working from home life where you can switch off for that time and do your body some good. It’s helped with my posture and strength so much and all the aches and pains from sitting at a desk. I never thought I’d be able to do all these core exercises I can do now, so for that I can’t thank Elle enough.”


“I have always struggled with back issues until I started Pilates will Eleanor. Since participating in classes every week for the last few years or so my back is stronger than ever. Pilates has significantly reduced the pain and ache that used to be a daily occurrence. Along with helping with pain, my core strength, flexibility and posture has dramatically improved too. I couldn’t recommend Eleanor’s classes enough. She is an amazing teacher, she takes the time to explain each movement and how to correctly align the body to work every area needed. If you want to try something new, get in tune with your body or have any current issues like back ache you won’t regret starting! Starting Pilates is the best thing you can do for your body!”


“Pilates is for everyone and every ‘body’”

“Pilates makes me happy! It is my time away each week! Being a working Mum with two children under four is hard to find time for anything let alone exercise. Elle provides an excellent class for all body types and it has helped rebuild My muscles where I have a c section scar and helped my lower back pain. Elle is a brilliant teacher, easy to understand and follow and I love attending each week.”


“There’s only one girl who could make me do a 3 minute plank. Elle’s classes are my little escape from my hectic life. Not only is it good for the mind but I love that each class gives me a full body workout. I feel stronger each week. Thank you.”


“I look forward to every week for my Pilates class with Elle! She is so welcoming to anyone who enjoys Pilates. You really feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards! I’ve been doing Pilates with Elle for a few years now and I can definitely say the more that you do it the stronger and happier you’ll be!!”


“I have been attending Eleanor Rose Pilates classes in studios since the Summer 2019 and also joining Elle’s classes over Zoom. During this time I have increased my core strength and flexibility and consequently I rarely have lower back problems which I frequently had in the past. I enjoy her friendly and encouraging style of teaching and I would definitely recommend her Classes.”


"I used to do pilates on a weekly basis as part of my employment package. It has been a number of years since I last attended any pilates classes and I was keen to resume classes. I started with ERP in January 2023 and have been extremely impressed with the warm welcome, the pace and level of the classes and the cheerful disposition of Eleanor and all class members. I feel stronger and more flexible now, and as I am over 50 I am aware of the importance of maintaining my activity levels for the future. I cannot recommend ERP highly enough. Thank you"